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About This Event

A core part of BlockchainWeekend NYC, BlockchainWeekend Summit New York is taking place on November 8th and is a must attend event for anyone interested in blockchain. Focused on Future tech, governance and decentralization, this summit will encompass amazing panels, keynote speakers and networking events.

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Supported by the City of New York (NYCEDC), BlockchainWeekend Summit brings together a growing list of speakers and panelists that include a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ from New York City’s tech ecosystem. These include leaders of Tech Forward NYC, and Ideanomics, a company with broad involvement in the blockchain space, as well as many other prominent technology companies spanning a diverse range of business verticals in New York City. Join on this fantastic event with a lineup of great speakers, panels, live showcase projects and learn what NYC’s vibrant tech community has to offer . Your ticket includes drinks (wine, beer, etc) and food, so grab a ticket and you are all set for this BlockchainWeekend extravaganza.

 Future of Blockchain: Whats on the Horizon
The exciting thing about blockchain is there are so many possible use cases where peer-to-peer transactions, trustless trust, greater efficiencies through disintermediation will alter existing industries in ways not yet conceived of. This event is sure to touch on these topics:

  • Future of Smart Contracts – Will they be employed broadly or only in narrow cases where the conditions to be met are easily verified in the digital world?
  • Sharing Economy on Blockchain– What will AirBNB, Uber or Spotify look like when there is no central authority in charge?
  • Digitization of Assets – Exploring the future of FinTech. The space is being disrupted from various angles. See how it actually happening.

Whether you’re new to blockchain, or an expert, BlockchainWeekend Summit is a great chance to learn and get involved in the ever-growing blockchain community!
This is just a short description of BlockchainWeekend Summit NYC. See full list of speakers, agenda and panels > HERE
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  • Panels covering the latest and cutting edge topics in Future Tech, Health Tech, and Governance.
  • Networking event to mingle with NYC tech community
  • Explore future of blockchain through the eyes of experts
  • Fantastic keynote speakers


November 8th 55 Broadway, New York