Webinar: Future-Proof Your Career 2020 in Blockchain

June 30, 2020 no comments admin

We are living in a time when our lives have been thrown into the air. To land on your feet after the crisis of COVID19 and be in better shape then when you entered, requires smarts, adaption and the ability to be nimble.

Watch “Future-Proof Your Career in 2020: Blockchain Jobs and Opportunities Ahead” webinar on BlockDriven Academy

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Weekly Highlight: Product Management 2020 Blockchain Career Guide

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The rise of Product Management positions over the past two decades is primarily thanks to the immense growth of the technology sector. New revolutionary products have been produced and put on the market at record rates. With this boom, product management became a must, especially for technological firms.

The satisfaction and interest of the consumer is just as important as the technology behind the product. The product manager guides the process from the product’s creation all the way to the store shelf. The product manager must be able to work with both engineers and the brand management to ensure the profitability and success of the product.

Read the full article and learn more about Product Management in Blockchain at BlockDriven Academy

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BlockchainWeekend NYC 2019 Happened and It Was Epic – CoinSpeaker Covers BCW

November 20, 2019 no comments admin

BlockchainWeekend NYC 2019 kicked off last Thursday, November 7th with an evening opening reception hosted by Gemini, a New York-based cryptocurrency exchange in partnership with Tech:NYC, taking place at their headquarters. Tech insiders, investors and blockchain enthusiasts gathered to celebrate this weekend. You could feel the palpable excitement in the air.

Gemini’s reception set the tone for BlockchainWeekend, a city-backed initiative founded on the basis of creating an inclusive event for all, both involved and curious about blockchain, and to highlight NYC based tech projects. Evoking a vision of where companies could open their physical and creative spaces and welcome the audience in the pure experience; to share their story with the community, without being boxed into a conference format.

Read more at CoinSpeaker.com

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BlockchainWeekend Brought New Energy to NYC’s Tech Ecosystem – Use The Bitcoin

November 20, 2019 no comments admin

New York City was buzzing this past weekend with the inaugural BlockchainWeekend NYC 2019 (Nov 7-10). In partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) BlockchainWeekend featured projects from a wide range of NY based companies, startups, entrepreneurs with over 50 events taking place across all five boroughs. Creating a platform of decentralized events, the weekend was filled with workshops, panels, hackathons, and networking. With NYC at the forefront of technology and innovation,  it comes as no surprise that everyone was excited to get involved.   

Starting the weekend off was an opening reception hosted by Gemini, the biggest New York based crypto exchange. Opening up their headquarters, they gave out free books about journey of Cofounders’ the Winklevoss brothers to the crypto space.  Every attendee got some Gemini swag, and wine and beer was flowing freely through conversations. Gemini’s Jeanine Hightower-Sellitto, gave opening remarks on how it was great to be a part of the BlockchainWeekend initiative.

Read more at Usethebitcoin.com
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BlockchainWeekend 2019 Happened, and it’s Reimagining the Format of Blockchain Events – CoinIdol

November 20, 2019 no comments admin

BlockchainWeekend 2019 was a weekend filled with a diverse range of events taking place across NYC’s five boroughs.

Supported by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), its inaugural weekend, was started on the basis of creating a decentralized format of over 50 events, workshops, panels and live projects where visitors could explore all aspects of the blockchain and tech space in NYC.

Each event added a layer of personality, with its space, speakers, sessions and ability for the community to come together, forming a solid block from the sum of its parts that makes up the blockchain community.

“New York City needed an initiative like this to allow anyone to uncover and get involved in the blockchain space. Blockchain space is poised to grow at a rapid pace over the coming years. BlockchainWeekend was founded on the idea of decentralization and making blockchain accessible to all. With support from EDCNYC, we were able to connect the city’s tech ecosystem in a more personal way, and we invite other global blockchain communities to take over the baton hosting Blockchain Weekend in your city in 2020.”

Art Malkov
Managing Director, BlockchainWeekend

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3Box to Showcase at BlockchainWeekend Summit

November 7, 2019 no comments admin

3Box, makers of decentralized identity and data storage infrastructure, will be hosting a live showcase at BlockchainWeekend Summit NYC 2019 this Friday, November 8 at 4:00pm – 9:00pm at its Blockchain Lab Hall.

3Box offers a decentralized storage network along with a suite of developer APIs for user profiles, content storage and messaging. It allows developers to build secure, engaging applications while eliminating the need and potential liability of storing user data on a centralized server. Instead, 3Box developers can store data directly with users, where it is more secure and easily portable across different services. Through this, 3Box aims to simplify portable logins and profiles. It makes use of the peer-to-peer InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to give users keys to their own data, which is then distributed across multiple nodes. This better enables development of features like private chats, uploading photos, liking posts and other social activities that are currently lacking in most existing decentralized applications (DApps).

3Box originated as a startup at ConsenSys in Brooklyn and closed a $2.5 million seed round led by Placeholder Ventures earlier this year. The 3Box team is looking forward to welcoming guests to its upcoming showcase this weekend and participating in NYC’s inaugural BlockchainWeekend.

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BlockchainWeekend NYC Partners with CoinSpeaker, CryptoNewsZ, CoinIdol and Many More.

November 4, 2019 no comments admin

This fall, BlockchainWeekend NYC brings together New York City’s tech ecosystem by hosting a series of blockchain and tech events taking place across all five boroughs. With New York City at the forefront of the global tech community, it’s no surprise that this weekend event garnered so much media attention. In sharing this exciting initiative, BlockchainWeekend NYC partnered up with some of the biggest media outlets in crypto, blockchain and tech.

“We have been covering the expanding tech space in NYC for the last 5 years and we have seen exponential growth of the blockchain community over the last 3 years. We are glad to be a part of BlockchainWeekend NYC coverage, as this event unifies a decentralized nature of events with a blockchain global vision. The Silicon team will be on the ground covering all the latest happenings, projects and companies that are rising from New York blockchain community. We are excited to be a part of this historic initiative!”  – Young Woo Shin.  Editor, Silicon NYC – Tech Beat of NY

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What are Dapps for Ethereum Blockchain?

November 4, 2019 no comments admin

By Eileen Gadsden

What are Dapps?  Dapps are decentralized ledger software application that allows safe, encrypted transactions over the internet. However, before one can truly appreciate Dapps, one must be familiar with blockchain technology. The most important concept to understand about blockchain technology is that it is, “…a ledger of records organized in ‘blocks’ that are linked together by cryptographic validation.” (blockgeeks.com)

Blockchain’s value is that it is immutable, distributed, transparent, secure and incentivizes usage.  Dapps are open-sourced software that runs on blockchain platforms. Although Dapps development is in its early stages there are significant use cases and business cases demonstrating the value of this technology.  Learn more about Ethereum Dapps and attend the free workshop on November 8th.

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BCW Highlight Events: Blockchain Summit & Blockchain Live NYC

October 28, 2019 no comments admin

New York’s biggest blockchain event of the Fall is happening November 7th-10th across all five boroughs of NYC. Two featured events encompassing the spirit of BlockchainWeekend are the Blockchain Summit (Friday, November 8th) and Blockchain Live NYC (Saturday, November 9th) presenting a weekend filled with panels and presentations on the latest blockchain technologies.

These events will give opportunities for experts, enthusiasts, and blockchain professionals to exchange knowledge and ideas while learning from the industry’s top professionals working to shape the future of blockchain.

This is main event of BlockchainWeekend NYC and you dont want to miss it.  Use code BCW40  to get 40% discount on the event page here.

Supported by the City of New York (NYCEDC) Blockchain Summit, the official event of the weekend, brings together a plethora of blockchain industry leaders and innovators together. Dive into the future of blockchain with topics including: smart contracts, the sharing economy and blockchain, digitization of assets, and disrupting healthcare. You won’t want to miss the insights from Blockchain Summit.

Panelists and Key Note speakers.

  • Phil Kelly (BD Executive Director, ConsenSys)
  • Alf Poor – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Ideanomics, Inc
  • Sunayna Tuteja – Head of Digital Assets at TD Ameritrade
  • Mark Jaffe – President of New York Chamber of Commerce
  • David Weild – Former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ
  • Karen Bhatia – Senior Vice President, Tech at Economic Development Corporation (NYC EDC)
  • Steven J. Shapiro(Director of the Center for Risk Management, NYIT)
  • Dr. Daniel Englemen (Cardiology Director, Baystate Medical Center)
  • Dr. Lishan Aklog (CEO of PAVmed Inc.)

Blockchain Weekend Summit  NYC
Friday, November 8, 2019
55 Broadway

Register here

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