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    • Civic Hall Discussions : Featured Event at BlockchainWeekend NYC

      "Participating in BlockchainWeekend was an amazing opportunity! Since Blockchain is a nuanced concept, it's very important to learn and understand the power dynamics at play and what efforts towards diversity this community is focused on" - Curtis Davis, Senior Marketing Associate, Civic Hall BCW Event Host

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    Here's What Happened at BlockchainWeekend NYC

    • BlockchainWeekend NYC 2019 Happened and It Was Epic – CoinSpeaker Covers BCW

      BlockchainWeekend NYC 2019 kicked off last Thursday, November 7th with an evening opening reception hosted by Gemini, a New York-based cryptocurrency exchange in partnership with Tech:NYC, taking place at their headquarters. Tech insiders, investors and blockchain enthusiasts gathered to celebrate this weekend. You could feel the palpable excitement in the air. Gemini’s reception set the tone […]

    • BlockchainWeekend Brought New Energy to NYC’s Tech Ecosystem – Use The Bitcoin

      New York City was buzzing this past weekend with the inaugural BlockchainWeekend NYC 2019 (Nov 7-10). In partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) BlockchainWeekend featured projects from a wide range of NY based companies, startups, entrepreneurs with over 50 events taking place across all five boroughs. Creating a platform of decentralized […]

    • BlockchainWeekend 2019 Happened, and it’s Reimagining the Format of Blockchain Events – CoinIdol

      BlockchainWeekend 2019 was a weekend filled with a diverse range of events taking place across NYC’s five boroughs. Supported by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), its inaugural weekend, was started on the basis of creating a decentralized format of over 50 events, workshops, panels and live projects where visitors could explore all […]

    • 3Box to Showcase at BlockchainWeekend Summit

      3Box, makers of decentralized identity and data storage infrastructure, will be hosting a live showcase at BlockchainWeekend Summit NYC 2019 this Friday, November 8 at 4:00pm – 9:00pm at its Blockchain Lab Hall. 3Box offers a decentralized storage network along with a suite of developer APIs for user profiles, content storage and messaging. It allows […]

    • What are Dapps for Ethereum Blockchain?

      By Eileen Gadsden What are Dapps?  Dapps are decentralized ledger software application that allows safe, encrypted transactions over the internet. However, before one can truly appreciate Dapps, one must be familiar with blockchain technology. The most important concept to understand about blockchain technology is that it is, “…a ledger of records organized in ‘blocks’ that […]

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