Blockchain Live NYC: Blockchain Weekend Saturday, Nov 9 Featured Event

November 9th

Free Event with RSVP

Ticket Price: $30 (Not Free with RSVP)
BLOCKCHAIN LIVE NYC is committed to mainstream adoption of Blockchain and digital assets through education and achieving consensus. This is an opportunity for the blockchain curious, entrepreneurs, startups and established companies to form meaningful connections in an effort towards building New York’s blockchain ecosystem.

Overview:This event will be filled with robust industry insight from builders, leaders and institutional investors in the space. Discover applications on the blockchain and where decentralized finance may take us.


November 9th, 2:00pm-6:00pm
Lair East
424 Broadway #602
New York, NY 10013




Speakers at Blockchain Live NYC share their views on blockchain technology:

“When it comes to blockchain technology, people tend to think bitcoin, ethereum, or even Libra. However, the tokenization of assets on the blockchain is establishing a new business model for traditional investment. From precious metals to real estate, tokenization powered by blockchain reduces the investment threshold and improves liquidity.  Wouldn’t it be cool to own a piece of an island?”~ Jennifer Peng, Co-Founder, Homebloc


“The blockchain is one of the preeminent technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. There will be much disruption and democratization as we moon into mainstream adoption. To this end, let’s be-careful not to lose ourselves in the excitement. We have a long journey ahead of us.” ~ Francis Berwa, Co-Founder, Homebloc


“The internet boasts the largest economy on the planet. Naturally, a digital currency is next. Will it be an already established cryptocurrency or a central bank digital currency that leads mainstream adoption? Either way, the future is exciting.” ~ Michael A. Robinson, Co-Founder, THEDEx


The biggest impact of the blockchain will be in the financial industry and specifically: payments, lending, and capital markets. In capital markets, tokenization is a game-changer and would upend the global private capital markets and eventually, public capital markets. ~ Harish D. Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, Polybird


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